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What Makes You Smile Doodles - Available in High and Low Tops

What Makes You Smile Doodles - Available in High and Low Tops

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These Converse are adorned with fun, lifestyle doodles highlighted using primary colors with custom artwork by Mattea Turenne.  Turenne is a butch lesbian illustrator of color from Michigan.  She loves to create pieces that are colorful and fun for people to look at, but also creates work about her intersectional identity and experiences.  This design is available on both High Top and Low Top Converse.

A portion of profits from these shoes will be donated to ).  "The mission of Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network (AWN) is to provide community, support, and resources for Autistic women, girls, nonbinary people, and all others of marginalized genders.  AWN Network  is dedicated to building a supportive community where we can share our experiences in an understanding, diverse and inclusive environment. AWN is committed to recognizing and celebrating diversity and the many intersectional experiences in our community.  [They] welcome all women, transgender and cisgender, non-binary and genderqueer people, Two-Spirit people, people who have at anytime identified as women or girls, and all other people of marginalized genders or of no gender. AWN recognizes and affirms all people’s gender identities and expressions, as well as choices about disclosure, transition, and going stealth.  [Their] goal is to dispel stereotypes and misinformation which perpetuate unnecessary fears surrounding an autism diagnosis. [They] seek to share information which works to build acceptance and understanding of disability." 

We buy each pair of shoes BRAND NEW. Each pair is made to order, please make sure you put in the correct shoe size before you check out.  The ink is permanent and will never come off, fade away, or peel off. Made in the USA. This price includes everything: shoes and artwork. 

Each pair of shoes is made-to-order and takes 3 - 4 weeks to ship usually. Because the artwork is custom made for you, there are no exchanges or returns.

Please know your size before ordering.

Please note that colors of actual item may slightly differ from what you see on your screen due to differences in monitor settings.

If you are looking for resources on where or how you can help the racial equality and social justice movement, click HERE for a list of organizations you can directly donate to and ways to help without any money!

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