This is the Way Custom High Top Converse

This is the Way Custom High Top Converse

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These custom Dandingeroz shoes come in Black High Top Converse.  Both shoes have the Adorable Moonlight Series The Child and if you take a closer look, you'll see cool, calm, and collected Mando walking into the landscape.  The Bounty will be on the outside of both shoes.  These shoes are perfect for October 30th and any intergalactic fanatic!  

Dan Elijah G. Fajardo is a Manila based artist who is the creative mind and owner behind Dandingeroz.  Fajardo has mastered his art style and technique through illusion design using the negative space.  You don’t have to look at it closely to understand this fact.  Though a simple glance is enough, one should take a closer look at the subtle yet striking detail within each piece in order to truly appreciate artwork.  Fajardo has a child-like attitude towards art that spurs him to create simple, yet moving pieces centered around fantasy and science fiction. Dreams, childhood memories, space, stars, and fantasy fascinate him. Fajardo pencils a sketch before making his ideas come alive on Adobe Photoshop. Juan Luna, a Philippine National artist, is an inspiration of his. Andy Warhol and Banksy are also a major influence in his art.

We buy each pair of shoes BRAND NEW. Each pair is made to order, please make sure you put in the correct shoe size before you check out.  The ink is permanent and will never come off, fade away, or peel off. Made in the USA. This price includes everything: shoes and artwork. 

Each pair of shoes is made-to-order and takes 2-3 weeks to ship usually. Because the artwork is custom made for you, there are no exchanges or returns.

Please know your size before ordering.

Please note that colors of actual item may slightly differ from what you see on your screen due to differences in monitor settings.

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