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The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Custom White Slip Ons

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Custom White Slip Ons

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Sail away with our rendering of the traditional Japanese woodblock printed classic art piece, "The Great Wave off Kanagawa"! Who wouldn't want to ride a pair of custom printed Great Wave off Kanagawa on White Slip On Vans? These shoes are perfect for classic Japanese art fans and passionate ocean lovers alike.

We buy each pair of shoes BRAND NEW from the Vans retail store. Each pair is made to order, please make sure you put in the correct shoe size before you check out.  The ink is permanent and will never come off. Made in the USA. This price includes everything: shoes and artwork. 



The Great Wave off Kanagawa Custom Printed White Slip On Vans

Note: Blvd Custom is in no way affiliated with any of the shoe brands or companies that are featured on our website.  Each pair of shoes is ordered lawfully bought at retail price.  Then we are able to print artwork and designs on the shoes to create for our supporters.  Because of our customers we are able to help support independent artists and donate to charitable causes through exclusive collection collabs. 

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