World Orca Day - How We Use Our Shoes To Help The Ocean!

BLVD Custom is happy to have been able to work alongside artist Tracie Sugo and her brand Kohola Kai Creative to produce an amazing collection of tee-shirts and shoes and to help raise awareness for marine life and ocean conservation. In honor of national world Orca day, we wanted to share with you all of the Orca Whale inspired looks we have done thus far!

5. Orca Pod High-Top Converse 

World Orca Day!!


4. Marine Life Vans  World Orca Day!!


3. Orca Friend Pocket Tee

World Orca Day!!

2. Orcaholic White Slip On Vans World Orca Day!!

 1. Orca Surface High Top ConverseWorld Orca Day!!

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