Till Death Custom Vans Slip Ons for Bride and Groom

Till Death Custom Vans Slip Ons for Bride and Groom

Get ready to rock at the wedding! Check out these custom Vans shoes we've crafted to add an edgy touch to the celebration. Picture this: We have a hand emblazoned on one shoe and the words "Till Death" boldly displayed on the other. What's more, we've handcrafted the skeleton hand motif using one of our own X-rays, right here in-house. These Vans are the ultimate choice for the bride and groom to strut their stuff on the dance floor during the reception. Say goodbye to uncomfortable high heels and hello to stylish comfort as they boogie the night away. And let's not forget the groom – he can effortlessly coordinate with his suit by sporting his own pair of custom Vans. Get ready to dance the night away in style!

Buy the white Vans here: https://www.blvdcustom.com/products/tilldeathwhiteweddingvans

Buy the black Vans here: https://www.blvdcustom.com/products/till_death_slip_on_vans_shoes

Want the heels customized? Shoot us an email: https://www.blvdcustom.com/pages/get-started-on-your-custom-order

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