Sports aren't everything... They're the ONLY thing.

Whether you play, watch, or despise, I can guarantee sports have had an impact on your life at some point. For most, you are brought up as a child and automatically thrown into a youth soccer or baseball league. For what reason? None other than because it's "the thing to do". Some may continue their sports career but others do not. However, most develop a passion for it in some way, shape, or form that transcends into a lifelong commitment. Whether you rep your home town, have a favorite player, or simply follow your fathers footsteps, picking a favorite sports team is a permanent decision. Of course, you can move states and "root" for the hometown, but, unless it is the team you unconsciously picked as an unknowing child, you can not truly be a fan. Newborn babies are instantly thrown into memorabilia for teams they have know idea exist. Arguments between friends and family members are started because of what color jersey they're wearing or what the logo on the front is. Love it or hate it, sports are a huge part of today's society. They dictate and have influence over a lot more than just who wins and loses. Next time you see someone having a bad day, ask them how their team did.