Meow Defense Shop X Blvd Custom Bundle Holiday Giveaway

We have partnered with Meow Defense Shop for this Holiday Giveaway! One lucky person won a bundle prize pack of RBG Converse and Self Defense Tools!
In the prize pack bundle, Meow Defense Shop donated a 25 Million Volt Stun Gun Pen, a Classic Kitty Puncher Keychain, and the OG Pepper Spray Keychain!  We threw in our popular "When There Are Nine" Dissenting Opinion - RBG Converse for the ultimate independent and empowered giveaway prize!
Sneaker Giveaway Bundle
Meow Defense Shop is a Latina-Owned Small Business that sells various self defense tools! From every order, 10% is donated to the Downtown Women's Center and various other charities in Southern California.  Check out Meow Defense Shop for all your self defense tool needs! Stay cute, stay safe!
Kitty Keychain Puncher
Tazer Pen
Kitty Tazer
Pepper Spray Pen
Knife Keychain
Rainbow color Tazer