Happy Shark Week - Sharkie Sneakers and Resources

Here are some great charities and organizations to highlight this special week and how we can help our favorite fish friends!
Project Hiu"Project Hiu's initiative is providing alternative income to fishermen in Indonesia.  Hiu is the Indonesian work for shark and is how they came up with the name!  By hiring the shark fishing boats and the locals that man them, Project Hiu seeks to engage the fisherman in the different roll of tourism.  Tourism is a natural and alternate income for the community as a while that simultaneously and effectively protects sharks."
Friends for Sharks: "Friends for Sharks is a marine conservation cause working to support charities and increase worldwide awareness of the plight of sharks."
Shark Trust: "Our mission is safeguarding the future of sharks through positive change.  We achieve this through science, education, and influence and action.  Our vision is a future where sharks thrive within a globally healthy marine ecosystem."
Fin Fighters: "Fin Fighters are building a revolutionary cooperative program; that not only investigates shark fishing and consumption, but also provides important data on the distribution and health of shark/ray populations in the UK and around the world."
Gills Club: "The Gills Club harnesses girls' passion for sharks, nature, and the environment by giving them the opportunity to engage in projects focused on making a significant impact on the way sharks are perceived by the public."
Shark Spotters: "Shark Spotters is a pioneering shark safety and research organization that has attracted international attention because of the novel way it pro-actively reduces interactions and conflict between recreational water users and white sharks."
This year we are celebrating Shark Week with new apex predator ocean designs by Tracie Sugo.  As part of the Fight Back, Bite Back Collection, we have a handful of shark designs!  Check out the whole collection HERE!
Tiger Shark Shoes
Shark Shoes
Tiger Shark Shoes
Here are some past shark designs we have partnered with independent artists Tracie Sugo and Juliet Schreckinger!
Great White Shark clothes
Shark Teeth
Shark Shoes
Shark Custom Shoes
hammerhead shark shoesJuliet Schreckinger Art Shoes
Shark Week Long Sleeve
Whale Shark Shoes