Happy National Pharmacist Day - Custom Stethoscope Slip On Vans

January 12th is National Pharmacist Day where we celebrate and highlight the  men and women who make great pharmacists that help our communities!  Today we want to offer a special discount to front line workers that direct message us on our Instagram for our Stethoscope Slip On Vans
Every order of our Stethoscope Slip On Vans helps raise donations to local food banks and urgent care facilities in Southern California ❤ 
On May 8th, 1963, America's largest pharmacy made its opening debut as CVS employed 24,000 pharmacists!  On September 28th, 1928, penicillin was discovered by the Scottish scientist, Alexander Fleming.  In 754 AD, the first pharmacies were established in Baghdad during the Islamic Golden Age.  
Thank you pharmacists and all that you do to help the health and well being of our neighborhoods every day!
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