Delta Gamma Sorority Collection

This collection of Delta Gamma Sorority inspired shoes were a product of our internship program with Chapman University students. Lucy Ebers, our current intern and a member of Delta Gamma on her campus, created the concept for this collection with a goal of creating wearable shoes for her sorority sisters. The designs were inspired by a range of ideas; however, the main goal in creating wearable shoes for the DG sorority was to give back to their philanthropy, Service for Sight. Specifically, BlvdCustom and BStreetShoes will be donating part of the proceeds from every shoe sold to the local Blind Children’s Learning Center in Santa Ana, California. You can learn a little bit more about each shoe design below:
This simple, yet fun design was created by Lucy and our Director of Collaborations Jasmine Lee while brainstorming possible shoe ideas. The colors blue and pink represent the official colors of the Delta Gamma Sorority. The artists at BStreetShoes made their SEE-DG concept a reality and we put the art on the outside of a pair of White Lowtop Platform Converse as well as a pair of all white high top converse. 
 Delta Gamma Sorority Shoes
This fun design was created by business owner Blake Barash and was inspired specifically by Delta Gamma’s philanthropy, Service for Sight. Blake strongly believes in giving back and motivates the interns to find a purpose for the shoes they create during their time in the Shoedio. 
Delta Gamma Sorority Shoes
This playful design was inspired by Delta Gamma’s official motto, “Do Good.” Cow print has been very popular recently from products like backpacks to phone cases. This gives the DG sisters the opportunity to wear a little reminder of their motto on their feet as they “Do Good” throughout their days on campus. 
Delta Gamma Sorority Shoes  Delta Gamma Sorority Shoes